About Daehnfeldt
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About Daehnfeldt

Daenhfeldt’s strength in Africa, the Middle East and Eastern Europe has been established over many years. We have a proven track record in helping farmers in these regions achieve maximum productivity from their land and we work constantly to maintain this tradition.


Our specialized breeding programs and targeted trials in your local area enable us to create varieties ideally suited to developing and emerging markets. These varieties deliver excellent value for money, consistent results and high yields of marketable crop.

They also support the changing nature of farming in these regions. We understand that many growers are moving from local, small scale farming and local varieties to larger scale farming. In doing so, they are adopting new techniques such as protected cultivation, drip irrigation and the use of hybrids.
Having been present in these areas for so long, we provide numerous varieties that help growers to make these transitions successfully. Plus, we are committed to continued development to meet their future needs as well.



       A richer crop from your land



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