Daenhfeldt supplies high quality vegetable seeds to growers around the world. We focus particularly on varieties to meet market needs and growing conditions in Eastern Europe, the Middle East and Africa. And we sell these products through distributor partners who provide growers with local sales and services.
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Daenhfeldt’s strength in Africa, the Middle East and Eastern Europe has been established over many years. We have a proven track record in helping farmers in these regions achieve maximum productivity from their land and we work constantly to maintain this tradition. 
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Ercole Determinate tomato
Kilele Square staked determinate tomato suitable for staked and bush transplanting.
Madison Indeterminate Beefsteak
Simona/VT-60781 Determinate beef tomato
Smagly Indeterminate tomato for long cycle crop passive greenhouse
T45648/Hatomur Indeterminate tomato for long cycle crop for passive greenhouse
Sereen Determinate beefsteak
VT-60788 Determinate tomato
VT-737 Determinate tomato




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